Z I N Ō is a family run brand born as a radical new alternative to the fashion system, reflecting a true-luxury brand-to-consumer concept. Aiming to address the relentless design, production and consumption cycle endemic to the industry, Z I N Ō inspires to create the ultimate wardrobe for those with shared values by creating a timeless and honest expression of what luxury dressing can be.

Z I N Ō represents a style defined in practical urban minimalism — crafted with the finest natural materials and each piece handmade to order, a fundamental decision to improve the business model with less waste and more efficiency.

Z I N Ō is a conceptual idea composed of luxury essentials, distilled into their purest and most versatile form. Designed for a modern urban life, the line consists of timeless wardrobe staples, priced without retail margins. Supreme in quality, and produced in limited quantities, Z I N Ō heralds a conscious and liberated model for the future of luxury.